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How to Present a Professional Image

DISCOVER how easy it is to project an image that gets RESPECT, ADMIRATION AND FRIENDSHIP. 

The image program will highlight the words that MAKE YOU STRONG, and the body language that weakens you. Learn how to NEVER BE CAUGHT OFF GUARD AGAIN!  Handle feedback and criticism with grace. Become so polished that your peers will want to be like you!


4 Audio Cassettes $49.95

2 Video Cassettes $99.95


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 21 Days to Self-Discovery

What are you doing for the rest of your life?  Do you have meaningful goals in mind? The kind that, once you reach them, will enrich your life, make you happier, and give you a greater sense of fulfillment? The truth is, you can't pursue your goals until you know exactly what they are. And figuring that out can be a job in itself.
     Define your lifelong dreams - and awaken those you've suppressed because they once seemed out of the question
     Identify the fears that keep you from "going for it" and overcome them through a heightened sense of self-esteem
     Analyze your relationships - so you don't get pulled down by non-supportive friends and family members
     Clarify your values - so you always do the right thing in your own mind.
This 3-week plan will build a stronger sense of who you are, what you believe in and  give you the tools to make your dreams a reality.



4 Audio CD's $49.95





Assertive Communication Skills for Professionals

Learn how to: HANDLE CONFLICT POSITIVELY...with less stress. Communicate clearly and directly.  Deal with difficult people more easily.  Present your ideas so they get accepted and acted on.  Learn the secret of saying NO and meaning it.  Avoid the classic passive-aggressive relationship.  GET RESPECTED.



DVD's  $149.95

4 Audio CD's $69.95

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Story Songs   (important for your children)

Children retain information much longer when they learn it with music.  SELF - ESTEEM IS SIMPLE - MATH IS EASY.  Teachers are raving about StorySongs.  They can tell which children enter school READY TO LEARN AND EXCEL.  Let your child be ready, and the BEST.  Make car rides pleasant, and bedtimes easy.  StorySongs will give your child the secret to success. Ages 2-6




CD's $49.90


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