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A partial list of Carol's clients include:

Corporate Clients:

Ford Motor Company
Bristol Meyers Squibb
American Express
Metropolitan Life
Social Security Administration
Continental Airlines
Milton Hersey School
Baxter Health Care
Mott Children's Health Center
Exeter Hospital
James A Haley Veteran's Hospital
Desoto Memorial Hospital
House Call, Home Health Care
Cape Coral Hospital
Arkansas Children's Hospital
Shriner's Hospital
B Braun Medical
American Society of Hand Therapists

Government Clients:

Citrus County Board of Commissioners
Citrus County School Board
City of Tampa
City of St. Petersburg
City of N. Lauderdale
Orange County Recreational Department 
Florida Park Services 
US Tennis Association



Hillsborough County
City of Dunedin, Recreational Department 
City of Safety Harbor, Recreational Department 
Palm Beach County, Recreational Department 
Southwest Florida Water Management District
South Florida Water Management District
City of North Lauderdale Recreational Department
Somerset Park City Commission







Instrument Services
Baxter Healthcare Corporation
P.O. Box 3350
Pinellas Park, FL
(800) 553-6898
(727) 545-9305

Carol Price
Post Office Box 8731
Madeira Beach, FL 33738

Dear Carol:

On behalf of Baxter Instrument Services (BIS), I would like to say that you were a key part of the success of our seminar that we held in Clearwater on August 15, 1998. The employees that were present were totally enthusiastic when you were through with them. Our goal was to excite them in delivering the best possible customer service.

One of the employees had taken a seminar with you last year and suggested that we contact you to present a seminar with us. One of the comments she made was that you were the first presenter that held her interest during the ENTIRE seminar. Now I know what she meant!

After making an appointment, you came to BIS with an open agenda. You were very helpful with your ideas and stories to guide us in the material that we were using for our topic. We chose the name of "Customer Enthusiasm is our Victory" for the seminar. Talk about enthusiasm... you are the epitome of it! From that moment on, I knew we were in safe hands.

I just wanted to take a moment to say that we appreciate the fantastic job that you did for BIS and we were lucky to have such a dynamic individual to assist us!


Carol Ray
Sales Support Specialist



City Logo

City Of St. Petersburg

To Whom It May Concern,

I am writing to recommend Carol Price as the best professional trainer I have ever hired during my 16 years as Recreation Director for the City of St. Petersburg. She consistently receives the highest evaluation scores possible from my supervisory and management staff. More importantly, she manages to maintain everyone’s undivided attention during her training sessions, despite the large size and diversity of the group and the high energy level of re-creators. It can sometimes be difficult to get recreation professionals to sit still for very long, but this is not a problem for Carol. She is the only trainer my staff has requested to have return and do more sessions.

Carol works hard to get the training results you are looking for and is always completely prepared and totally professional with her presentations. She is extremely knowledgeable and manages to both captivate and engage her audience with her interactive style and sense of humor. If you want to hire someone with the ability to ‘Wow!" your staff, I would whole heartedly recommend Carol Price. She can make a difference.

Please feel free to call me at ph. (727) 893-7890 if you have questions or want more information.


Sherry McBee
Recreation Director



Ms. Carol A. Price
Professionally Speaking
P.O. Box 8731
Madeira Beach, Florida 33738

Dear Carol,
On behalf the staff and management of Florida Central Credit Union, I would like to thank you for your participation in our Professional Development Day.

Thank you for providing our employees with very stimulating and useful sessions for both their personal and business lives. The comments we have received from employees have been very positive and many have indicated a strong desire to have you back as a future speaker.

Your presentation of the material is both thought provoking and truly entertaining at the same time. Your sense of humor is a real delight and makes the sessions ever so much more enjoyable.

It was a pleasure to work with you and I look forward to doing so again in the near future. Happy Holidays to you and your family!

Very truly,
Anita Manley

HR. Manager



Hillsborough County Seal
Hillsborough County

Office of the County Administrator
Patricia G. Bean

Carol A. Price
Professionally Speaking
P.O. Box 8731
Madeira Beach, Florida 33738

Dear Carol,

This letter is in reference to the Leadership Institute:  Management Series that you completed with the employees from Hillsborough County Parks, Recreation and Conservation Department.  The series was excellent and as you can see from the evaluations our employees thought well of the classes that were taught in each session.  Not only will the series help them in their professional lives, but in their personal one’s has well.  All of the sessions were well participated in by our staff and you made each session relevant to what is happening in county government, our department and even involved the current events happening throughout the world especially our country. 

 Thank you very much for taking the time to make each session relevant to our department.  This aspect of your training workshops makes them that much more valuable to the employees.  Sometimes all we need to do is look at things from another perspective and then it becomes that much clearer for us all.

 Again, many thanks for helping to make our staff the best that they can be. 


 Mary Clements
Area Supervisor
Parks, Recreation and Conservation




3600 W. Sovereign Path, Suite 212
Lecanto, Florida  34461

Ms. Carol  Price
P.O. Box 8731
Madeira Beach, Florida 33738

Re: Citrus County - ADA Workshop

Dear Ms. Price:,

First, I would like to thank you for working with Citrus County in presenting the ADA workshop, "It's Always Somebody's Son or Daughter" to our employees. The enthusiasm that you portrayed along with the course material, was very enlightening and you were able to catch and keep the attention of all of our employees. The sensitive material which you presented was done in a very caring and tactful way, in which each one of us was able to relate. It is sometimes hard to present this type of material to so many different types of people at one time, but your ability to speak and capture the attention of so many people was quite remarkable.

 Your presentation was one of grace and dignity and it was a pleasure for me to attend as well as the employees of Citrus County.

 Thank you again and we look forward to working with you again in the future. 


 Thomas H. Dick,
Assistant County Administrator




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"Professionally Speaking"
Copyright 1999,
Carol Price
P.O. Box 8731  Madeira Beach, FL 33738
Phone: (727) 397-9111

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